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    Pubg vs CS:GO

    After playing pubg, i played CS:GO and realized that pubg is very easy to play....do you think so?

    11 june 2020 09:57 2270

    At the first pubg is easy but when you get hihger rank,the game is super hard

    11 june 2020 10:31 2270

    csgo is soo better than pub g

    11 june 2020 10:32 2270

    i agree that pubg is easier and the fact that it is availble in phones, makes it more accessible but tbh i say cs:go is better in gaming perspective , it has more competition to it

    16 june 2020 09:59 2270

    Csgo obviously. But pubg aint a bad game either.

    11 july 2020 17:28 2270

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