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    War Thunder

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    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    Golden Eagles

    Might anyone know a free way in order to obtain those Golden Eagles. I need to obtain 150 Golden Eagles to finish the last task for Warthunder. Any knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks

    5 june 2020 09:29 11

    I think you have to buy them. But you can buy them using gems

    8 june 2020 02:10 11

    @Teti123... hey so i found an app called Free GE on the Play store the app has an image of a plane, red background. i ended up doing to ffers on that site and collect 153 Golden Eagles, i just completed that task now time to submit it.. try that app

    8 june 2020 05:25 11

    TO ALL WHO NEED AROUND 150 GODEN EAGLES !! read below !!

    Theres an app called " Free GE " on the Play Store, idk about iOS. Download it and create an account verfy it, then enter the app locate your Account section, enter your Gaijin Account ( your Warthunder account to login ).

    You need to achieve 28 GE inorder to get them into your WT account.
    I completed two " Diamond Offer ". One was " Are You Lucky? " for 12 eagles, and the second offer was Ark of War for 141. Total of 153 GE, once you have the desired amount of GE you can then go to " Payouts " in the Fee GF app and the funds will be deposited into your WT Account.

    Lock Thread...?
    Leaving open for comments/help

    8 june 2020 05:33 11

    there are 3 tutorial one for plane tank and ship

    22 june 2020 23:14 11

    and once you complete them they each give 100 golden eagles

    22 june 2020 23:14 11

    so you can get 300 golden eagles

    22 june 2020 23:15 11

    complete the tutorials for 300 golden eagles

    28 june 2020 10:58 11

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