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    Minecraft 1.12 Survival Guide

    This is about Minecraft, a 3D game by the company Mojang.

    About Minecraft

    Published on 2009, by the Mojang company, Minecraft is a huge game that have lots and lots of players.
    It is very popular through kids because Minecraft help kid's creativity and imagination.

    How to play Minecraft
    1. Creating your world

      Getting started, you will need to buy and download the app.After that, open the game and there needs to be a menu like this.
      Minecraft (for PC) Review | PCMag
      You can play the mode you want, if you play multyplayer, you will need to connect to a server, if you play singleplayer, you will start by creating your own world.After selecting singleplayer, a menu will appear.To create your new world, click "Create New World".How to Create a World with a Seed in Minecraft
             You will need to put a name to the world, select his gamemode (Survival is the common) and start the new world.MC-155599] After losing a Hardcore Game, can not create new World ...

    • How to play Minecraft

             You can move with the keys W, A, S, D, jump with space bar and open your inventory with E.
             Now, you first need to break some wood, after destroying a tree, you will open your inventory (E) and craft that wood into some planks.
    How to Build a Crafting Table in Minecraft - dummies
              After that, you will craft the planks into a crafting table, that allows you to craft everything you want.
    How to make a Crafting Table in Minecraft
            Now, you can craft a wood pickaxe, that will help you to collect stones, that will able you to make a stone pickaxe, that will help you to collect iron etc.
    • The buildings

           In Minecraft, you can build everything you want, from a house made by dirt, to a huge beautifull castle.
           There are also Redstone systems, that allows you to make incredible things!
    Minecraft Medieval Village With Castle World Download - BlueNerd
    •   The monuments

             There are some monuments like villiges, desert temples, jungle temples, etc. In every monument there is a reward, so you will be happy to discover them.

    • Monsters

              In Minecraft you will find creatures that are not so friendly, they are the monsters.
              The principals monsters are: The Zombie, The Skeleton, The Enderman, The Spider and The Crepper.
              The monsters are spawning on night time.
    Mobs | Minecraft Wiki | Fandom
               The Skeleton
               The Skeleton is an archer, that shoots you with his bow, but he is scared by the dogs, if a dog is near to a skeleton, it will attack him.

              The Zombie

              The Zombie is a basic monster that hits you when he comes close.

              The Enderman
               With The Enderman you need to be very carefull, if you look in his eyes, he will attack you, but its fear is the water.He can teleport!!!

             The Spider
              The spider can climb the surfaces and it's attacking you if he come close.

              The Crepper
            The Crepper is a strange creature that explodes near players, his fear is the cats.

                  I hope you liked it!

    4 june 2020 11:55 1625

    aren't they putting out 1.16?

    23 june 2020 04:31 1625

    Really empty guide, but fills the basics for completely new players. Kinda useful.

    23 june 2020 22:05 1625

    Nice this was rellly helpful

    23 june 2020 22:20 1625

    One of the pictures isn't showing up in this article :(

    24 june 2020 02:45 1625

    This is nice! This really explains Minecraft pretty well, although I think it could have a little more information (i.e fun facts on the mob parts).

    24 june 2020 04:26 1625

    just need exp but thats a nice guide too bad i already know it :/ well its ok :D

    24 june 2020 04:52 1625

    its a good game just tried it !!!

    28 june 2020 06:25 1625

    minecraft is a lit game but i dont play it that much

    24 august 2020 16:14 1625

    I know how to play minecraft. I complete the game 9 times every month

    24 august 2020 16:59 1625

    I play minecraft. It is lit gamr

    24 august 2020 17:41 1625

    go on 2b2t and try to survive/learn to survive there

    24 august 2020 21:47 1625

    oof. great game and nice article!

    25 august 2020 06:02 1625

    I wish people just give article ratings meaningfully and not just DISLIKE and DISLIKE. Those ppl do not even read the article. I read this article and approved it.. :D

    25 august 2020 06:04 1625

    Never knew creepers hated cats :0

    26 august 2020 17:16 1625

    I play so much this is the best game ever

    26 august 2020 18:54 1625

    great work

    27 august 2020 03:05 1625

    Minecraft is one of the best games, and I love it tbh

    27 august 2020 16:02 1625

    Nice survival Guide Bro

    27 august 2020 16:13 1625

    Nice this looks amazing💕

    27 august 2020 18:47 1625

    Thanks for the guide!

    24 september 2020 09:16 1625

    Really empty guide, but fills the basics well nice job

    24 september 2020 12:15 1625

    its a good game

    24 september 2020 17:05 1625

    Thanks for the information

    24 september 2020 17:05 1625

    creeper hate cat

    24 september 2020 18:10 1625

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