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    How I got level 17 in 13 days!

    The "Reach level 17 of your account" is not so easy to complete, you need to be playing all the time to avoid wasting any precious time. In this case, playing everyday and calculating when I would return to the game, I was able to finish the quest with time to spare. In this article I will describe wihat I did to achieve this level.

    In the beginning everything is fast, you can upgrade and build new things without having to worry too much, but after some time things start to get a little difficult, and this is when we can be smart and use our resources more efficiently.

    The alliance is an important thing to help your building develop faster. You do not need to search an amazingly active alliance, but it should not be a dead one either, this help system can make a building time be reduced by hours, saving you a lot of time. Alliances have technologies like:
    Together We Rise: increases the speed up time of alliance help
    City Contruction: increases building speed
    Technology Research: increases technology speed

    The game has a VIP system, if you login everyday you start winning VIP points. Save every gem on the beginning of the game to reach VIP level 6 fast, this grants you 10% building speed, 10% gathering speed and a second build queue. The second build queue is essencial, since you can only maintain the temporary building queue for 6 days with the items that the game provide since the start of the game.
    After you have achieved VIP 6, you do not really need to continue buying VIP points because they start to be more expensive and we could use the Gems for time boosts. One thing to keep in mind is that when you have the buildings Curier Station and the Shop, it spawns time reducing boosts that I was always getting, specially if they were bought with food/wood/stone.

    Action Points
    Always spend your action points fighting barbarians, this will help you level your heroes and win gems and resources. You can also fight beside your guild to attack forts and elite units.

    Since I though it would be too risky to begin a war with someone around me, I avoided entering any kind of fight with players. Therefore I had 2 heroes focused in Peacekeeping, which is the skill tree related to barbarian fight improvements and XP gains.
    Another important focus is Gathering, I had 3 heroes focused in this skill tree, because when you start to develop more, you will have a lot of troops, so it is important to have multiple Gathering heroes with their gathering speed skill so you can send more then one group to get different resources.
    Since in the beginning you do not have many troops for Gathering, I would recomend to focus on a Peacekeeping hero at level 20, and after start focusing both in Peacekeeping and Gathering.
    Remember that the game always gives you XP books, that will help you level your heroes.

    On thing to keep in mind is that you always need to be building something that takes you goal. In the beginning you can upgrade your resource structures a little more, but always try o to focus on your City Hall. Whenever you try to upgrade your City Hall you will se that it depends on upgrading some structures and these structures depend on other ones and so on. So you will have to upgrade other buildings, but taking your City Hall as reference makes you evolve it faster and make Gems in the process, since every time you upgrade you win some Gems.
    If a building is finishing but you have to sleep, it would be wise to complete it with time boosts, so you can place another building upgrade in the queue.

    Always try to complete quests and events, they sometimes give you time boosts and gems. If you are in a situation that you will not have time to complete a task that gives you gems and time boosts you could make a decision if completing that task is advantageous or not. ie.: I had a quest that I needed to gain building power that I would not have time to complete. Its rewards was something like 600 gems. So I spent 600 gems upgrading a building that gave me the power I needed to complete the quest. This made me eveolve a building and also get my gems back.

    Campaign Expedition
    The campaign is not something that I focused a lot, I was completing the mission as long as I was able. Whenever you get more troops and get stronger always go there to complete some more mission or get more stars. Every day you get resources that I think are completed missions related, but like I said, this was not really my focus.

    Campaign Sunset Canyon
    This was not my focus as well, but you can get some items.

    Like I said in the title, doing this I was able to complete the level 17 task in about 13 days. Of course I am not saying that I am right in the things that I did, you can play as you want and if you want to do anything different you can! And tell me the results and what you did different.

    Good luck to you all!

    3 june 2020 07:01 1625

    So you got it through playing the certain game? Good result. Moreover - an awesome one!

    Hope there will be more chances for people who willing to make the nice results here, too.
    Thank you for your sharing!

    3 july 2020 13:22 1625

    this seems to be a good tip however also need to watch out coz spamming do get your points down.

    3 july 2020 13:29 1625

    Woah, thats cool! ***..... thank youuuu!

    3 july 2020 20:24 1625

    good game

    3 july 2020 20:41 1625

    ot maneti chao

    3 july 2020 20:44 1625

    i e qko BTW

    3 july 2020 20:44 1625

    What level are you on

    3 july 2020 21:03 1625

    i am level 2 but i am hoping to get to level 3 soon

    3 july 2020 21:03 1625

    How can i get alot of gems

    3 july 2020 21:04 1625

    Is it hard to make an atircles

    3 july 2020 21:04 1625

    kas kasdw aksdw aksd wasd

    3 july 2020 21:05 1625

    ksmdw can i get some

    3 july 2020 21:05 1625

    oç *** gdhheey

    3 july 2020 21:07 1625


    3 july 2020 22:53 1625

    Thanks for the tip!

    4 july 2020 01:12 1625


    4 july 2020 01:26 1625

    thanks for the hard work to write this

    4 july 2020 07:19 1625

    keep writing about it

    4 july 2020 07:20 1625

    very nc article

    4 july 2020 07:22 1625

    woww what a comment

    4 july 2020 07:38 1625


    4 july 2020 10:03 1625

    I Lie This. İts Soo Coool Man

    4 july 2020 10:20 1625

    Thanks Dude

    4 july 2020 10:20 1625

    what game is this about?

    4 july 2020 10:44 1625

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