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    Hello, robloxian gamer here, for this article I will be talking about the game called "Roblox". It's a fun game indeed, but I've found some issues with Roblox. I do love roblox but sometimes roblox can be bad. Short introduction, I'll try to expand it with my poor English skills. This game is a good game and all, but it has a bad side to it, and yes I said that 3 times in total. Now, this game is stated to be a kids friendly game, I am here to tell you that sometimes, it ain't, it will teach your children many things, so think before you download the game before it's too late.


    Few days ago I purchased premium and robux (450/month) and I did not receive what I've purchased.. I emailed roblox support with proof of me buying premium, of course roblox hasn't responded yet but roblox literally took my five dollars... I wasted my five dollars on a game but did not get anything back from it, I just hope that Roblox could give me what I bought.

    There are also A LOT of toxic little kids on roblox, the kids will call you an online dater just for your looks, I find this mean because it is. The old game was okay, not a lot of rude people, but today, 2020, an increase of toxic little kids has arrived. This form is not to make you hate roblox, I'm trying to let everyone know that you should watch out on what you spend and watch out for your future kids if they ever play roblox, there are tons of dirty games on that game too so watch out for that..

    Oh, and a lot of people scam and hack accounts, so never share your password with anyone. Be smart about trades, if the person rushes you to accept the trade then ignore, it's best to stay sit and think about how valuable the trade is.

    Now let's talk about the fun side of this game, there are RP games and groups that could bring joy, we even have some like military groups which is cool because you can educate your kids about the military, you can also make new friends which can boost up your social skills like it did to mine. One thing, you should watch out for who you be friends with, I swear, don't try to online date because that's cringe and plus you don't really know who that person is in real life, even if you do don't even try. You could be friends with some old man and you'll never know, all you'll see is a pixel.

    I've played this game for like my whole entire life, it drains my money, the sad part is that I actually did not get what I purchased as I said above, my father bought me the card to buy the in game money but my five dollars has been wasted. I remember finally quitting ro-blocks, though I came back and I saw many new items in the catalog, quite aesthetic huh? A lot of people called me an online dater for what I look like, so I dressed differently, and finally, the military group that I am in ain't so bad, though some people are mean and judged me for liking anime... People are pretty toxic, I remember joining a game where a lot of online daters hang out and I felt so lonely, why? Because literally legit nobody would come to me and talk, I can't believe that I legit felt shy to go up to a pixel and talk with them in a Lego game.

    A lot of people who play Roe-blocks have Tick Tick, the site where people make weird videos or dancing videos, and there is a current trend where you're a male who is tall and somehow gets ALL the girls for that, I am a girl and once (actually multiple times) dressed as a male, I was quite fancy if you say so myself, and I got so much attention and it was so funny, a lot of girls asked if I was taken, laugh out loud, it was so awkward because girls would legit be crushing on me and I'm here like, ha, I'm a girl in real life! Oh, that adds on, the person you're dating online could also be a female or male, the opposite gender of you, so watch out!

    That's the end, I have nothing else to talk about, be safe playing this game.

    1 june 2020 04:50 1625

    This is pretty good game

    11 june 2020 13:29 1625

    i love roblox i play it

    15 june 2020 06:21 1625

    roblox is epic

    15 june 2020 08:36 1625

    Hi i like roblox too : D my names Georgesmithdent

    15 june 2020 08:44 1625

    i like roblox!

    16 june 2020 22:56 1625

    its an epic game

    18 june 2020 03:57 1625

    my user is X0_Kylie

    18 june 2020 14:42 1625

    hi i dont like roblox
    you can call me MISTOPLAYSO

    18 june 2020 15:16 1625

    so many spamers...............tnx for free gems

    18 june 2020 15:18 1625

    yeah i like roblox too xD game good and you can add me to friend my name ArdaDndar

    18 june 2020 15:19 1625

    and this game soo good who doesnt play roblox,needs to play roblox and you can make games with roblox studio

    18 june 2020 15:20 1625


    18 june 2020 15:30 1625

    nice its very nice

    19 june 2020 18:09 1625

    very happy man, its nice

    19 june 2020 18:10 1625

    wow its very very nice

    19 june 2020 18:10 1625

    I deal with toxic kids, ty anyways

    19 june 2020 19:26 1625

    Roblox is best ,w, (lets not start a war if you have a different opinion)

    19 june 2020 23:03 1625

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