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    Do you get exp from completing tasks?

    Just wondering because I need level 3 to claim rewards

    30 may 2020 19:57 1628

    dang, you get some exp from commenting, but then after a while u don't anymore. I got 5% exp from each thread I create tho, so try that

    30 may 2020 19:59 1628

    how can we leveling up?

    30 may 2020 20:36 1628

    Creating threads to just level up will often just you reported for spam and you will end up losing xp

    30 may 2020 22:22 1628

    yes you gain xp from compleating tasks, and it vary for each task.

    a report for spam dont make you lose xp, the removeal of the post/topic does.

    30 may 2020 22:36 1628

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