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    Not everyone that uses this site likes the same types of games so having mostly only MMOs RPGs and fps games makes the soul gem attaining experience more dislikable and harder for people. This is a big problem because the games are one of the best and only ways to get a good quantity of soul gems without needing to struggle with making an article that hs a more than likely chance to get rejected or having to deal with the oftentimes shakiness and unpredictability with the surveys and quizzes.

    28 may 2020 17:33 8369

    I agree with this completely, but I'm not sure what other games they can get permission from to add to the site

    29 may 2020 15:54 8369

    It would be nice to change the games more frequently

    29 may 2020 17:24 8369

    Agreed 100% specially the idea of ​​frequent change because maybe many users here don't tend to RPGs

    29 may 2020 19:17 8369

    I agree with you and stop spamming guys

    29 may 2020 21:24 8369

    I am looking for a fun browser based puzzle game, any ideas on here.

    30 may 2020 02:35 8369

    that sound cool

    30 may 2020 03:02 8369

    Agree on that

    30 may 2020 07:11 8369

    Please add some FPS games😍😍

    30 may 2020 09:23 8369

    Locking thread. Please redirect all your game & tasks suggestions here:
    Suggest games you want to see added as tasks here!

    15 june 2020 17:19 8369

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