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    Get Robux Easy And Free

    This is a real tip on how to get robux so you better read it all
    Ok what you need to do is find a dev group in roblox thats looking for people who know how to make shirts or games, its easy to find some of these groups there are lots of ads for it.
    Skills in Editing Software
    atleast a talent for designing
    also knowing how to use roblox studios may also help cause some groups need people who knows how to use it
    Basically what you need to do is design shirts and give it to the group leader he will then post the shirts and give you some of the money your shirt earns this is one of the best ways to get robux for free
    But be careful cause some groups can scam you and steal your shirt
    try taking screenshots of the shirt you made and if they scam you report it to roblox and show the screenshot as proof

    28 may 2020 00:16 2173

    thanks it helps

    28 may 2020 01:19 2173

    Hmmm this is somewhat of a good idea

    28 may 2020 02:37 2173

    thank for your help man

    28 may 2020 02:38 2173

    thanks man

    28 may 2020 03:44 2173

    Thank you for the help

    28 may 2020 06:56 2173

    thank you for the advice

    28 may 2020 07:27 2173

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