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    Shakes and Fidget

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    basically to level up you need to do quests

    I'll start with the fact that in order to buy mushrooms, you need to pay real money. (You can find some from quests or lucky wheel but that's a really minor amount) basically to level up you need to do quests (click and wait, click and wait) Want to do more quests than you're allowed daily? use mushrooms. want to buy an item? around half of them requires mushrooms, want to get a new list of items? use mushrooms. want to play the "lucky wheel"? you'll get 1 attempt for free daily, for more, use mushrooms. Even if you've used mushrooms and got some awesome items for your level, when you level up, you can find better items, so now you can use more mushrooms to get better items :) The old items become useless and you can throw them away for a little bit of gold. EVERYTHING you do in this game (and there's not much of it) has mushrooms invloved in it. I've played many p2w games before, but this one is something "special"

    21 march 2018 11:58 18

    yes its very hard for me

    24 june 2018 16:22 18

    I agree you

    4 august 2018 12:27 18

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