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    give me tips on how to level up quickly

    anything will do as long as it is legal

    24 may 2020 19:20 89

    On world of warships, you can just play the game and go through the natural progression of the game. If you use a creator code or sign up using one you will often get a 7 day trial of premium and some other rewards to help boost your levels up fast. I reccomend looking for any sponsored videos on WoW

    24 may 2020 19:25 89

    tbh tho i think this game is a waste of your time

    9 september 2020 18:40 89

    but on the other hand it is better that war thunder because war thunder just WONT accept my task

    9 september 2020 18:41 89

    ive tryed about 10 times but it wont exept

    9 september 2020 18:41 89

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