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    who play league of legend

    who of you plays league of legends and what is your main my is NASUS

    19 may 2020 23:03 77

    my main was Cho'gath but now i am playing only splitpushers still top main tho

    20 may 2020 04:47 77

    i play as a midlanner in league of legends and my main is Zed .

    20 may 2020 05:29 77

    i play all role,but my main lane is support

    20 may 2020 05:37 77

    No offence but I feel like Dota has mostly overshadowed league in many ways

    20 may 2020 06:53 77

    I main blitz and poppy, I saw that most of the comments on that site are just awkward like people don't know how to speak English and hmm, idk it's just a little

    20 may 2020 11:35 77

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