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    War Thunder

    (4.4/5) 11739 rates

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    2500 5000
    Soul Gems

    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    Task still not accepted its been a day

    I got 5 wins as the game told me sent a screenshot of my username and wins but It has not been accepted yet is anyone having this same problem as well?

    17 may 2020 19:12 11

    Yea, I and numerous experience the same quandary, I am still uncertain how to fix it though.

    17 may 2020 20:31 11

    I think it might just be the game I got to level 3 in guild of wars and that was accpeted in 2-3 mins

    17 may 2020 21:03 11

    just wait it's happening to me to but it's only been a day

    17 may 2020 21:58 11

    ask them for help, I did same thing to get the germ

    18 may 2020 04:43 11

    It's now been more than 5 days for me and still nothing, my task is still pending (not even rejected neither accepted...) where could I contact them ?

    18 may 2020 09:56 11

    Makw a new account without cookies in your browser through the play for free butoon
    this should fix it.

    18 may 2020 10:09 11

    its keep happening to me. I send more than 5 times but it still got rejecting I also downloaded from the link but still notthing happens

    21 may 2020 19:02 11

    It's not a scam. If it's late, it seems they are busy? I don't really know. I got the gems very quickly.
    Just make a new account in a browser with no cookies through the button and it'll work.

    21 may 2020 19:16 11

    it worked for me pretty fast

    21 may 2020 19:44 11

    My task was rejected i'm just gonna try contacting them.

    22 may 2020 10:20 11

    or I might just do a diffrent offer it depends

    22 may 2020 10:20 11

    Is anyone else still have the same problem as me?

    22 may 2020 10:22 11

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