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    A Quick Guide To Roblox!

    Hello, fellow gamers! Have you heard of this popular game, "Roblox"? Roblox is an online game platform with millions of games available to its players and also allows the players to make their own games. This article will explain all of the different concepts in Roblox as of May 2020!

    Roblox may be a complex thing at first, but once you look into it, it is fairly simple.

    Let's start with the biggest part of the platform:

    1. Games

    There are millions of games in Roblox that fit in every single genre for almost any age; war, fashion, sports, horror, simulators, card games, etc.
    Most games on the platform are free to players. However, the games that are not free on the other hand must be bought with Roblox's virtual currency, Robux. This leads us to our next topic.

    2. Robux

    Robux can be used to buy games, customize your personal Roblox character that you play games with, or to buy game passes that give you certain abilities in games. This virtual currency must be bought and can sadly not be earned within the games. There is however a way to get Robux for free, which is by joining groups.

    3. Groups

    Joining Roblox groups is an awesome way to earn free Robux. They may also benefit you in games similar to game passes. Most groups allow you to communicate with other players as well. In order to create a group, you can create one with 100 Robux.k2foO4zXPt17kAIFFp9QncavXvF804.PNG
    Continuing on from groups giving out Robux, a group must earn group funds by selling items that other players can use for their avatars (or Roblox characters). Sadly, Premium, the Roblox membership is needed to produce these items.

    4. Premium

    Premium benefits players by giving them monthly Robux and a 10% bonus of Robux when being purchased. Trading is also enabled; a player can trade items with another Premium member. You also get a cool emblem next to your username in the player list of games. 

    5. Friends

    While in-game or looking through the Roblox website, you can send a friend request to anyone (except those who've blocked you). After the other player has accepted the friend request, you may now chat with that player or join the same server the player is playing in. These are very useful features that will allow you to play with that player and keep in touch with them.

    6. Creating Games

    Those who are older or do not prefer playing games may create games using Roblox Studio, an app that is connected to Roblox. Roblox Studio allows you to code scripts and create models to make a game. You can then publish your game to Roblox for other users to play.

    7. Badges

    In Roblox, there are two types of badges: Player badges and Roblox badges. Player badges are basically awards you can earn from games if you reach or do a specific thing (ex: You've Reached Level 5!). Roblox badges are badges you earn outside of games. One of them is the Veteran badge. You can earn this for having your Roblox account for more than a year.

    Those are all of the most important Roblox concepts!

    Most Popular Roblox Games:

    1. Adopt Me (Simulator game)

    2. Welcome to Bloxburg (Simulator/Building game)

    3. Piggy (Horror game)

    4. Royale High (Fashion/Simulator game)

    5. Sky Block (Building/Simulator game)

    Thank you for reading my article! I hope this has helped you a lot.

    15 may 2020 07:31 1625

    ım reading ur types

    15 may 2020 08:53 1625

    and ıt seems you pro in here

    15 may 2020 08:53 1625

    yea. u re prof. in here

    15 may 2020 08:53 1625

    Minecraft is a sandbox v

    15 may 2020 08:56 1625

    nice guide

    27 may 2020 14:28 1625

    ım playing the roblox add friend my roblox nickname is king_mali1

    27 may 2020 14:50 1625

    great article! thx for giving us info

    27 may 2020 15:09 1625

    hi test this

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    we can play it
    some one should carry me tho i suck

    27 may 2020 15:34 1625

    Thanks for the guide man - will check it out!

    28 may 2020 16:46 1625

    i want robux chest

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    to get robux

    29 may 2020 02:55 1625

    thanks very much

    29 may 2020 02:55 1625

    Thanks a lot m8

    29 may 2020 12:54 1625

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