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    memorable chicken dinner

    My memorable chicken dinner would probably be when the circle is super small then there's only 3 players left including me didnt notice that the 2 guys left are crouching behind me they didnt notice me either and we just have fun let the circle killed us haha luckily ive won didnt know how xD

    14 may 2020 06:37 2269

    When i won my first time, i was play in a team, and the circle is getting smaller. Then we saw the last couple players. I was just watching them shooting and heals them, sometimes try to shoot. And when someone shooted me (I died but not yet) At that time only me and two other one of my team and last player. My brother finished him, i can't belive that we won tho. And that my first win =D (Sorry bad eng-)

    14 may 2020 06:55 2269

    the one that i almost yelled cause i have just half health bar. but i won

    14 may 2020 09:01 2269

    i kiled the person who has more than 10 kills and i have 1 kill with ambush (surprised him from a house) lol

    14 may 2020 09:03 2269

    my first chiken dinner was on 2017 erangel militarey base

    14 may 2020 15:00 2269

    My most memorable is when all of my teammate dies then i steal opponent's car to retreat
    they were a whole squad but then the zone was in favour of me and while they were walking one guy killed all of them and i gave one shot to that guy making me win the match. Was too Lucky that day

    27 may 2020 20:59 2269

    mine is this there was 2 left and i didnt see it i think there is more people and i was going under the tree and some guy was snake i killed him with a bomb

    28 may 2020 20:43 2269

    it was my first chicken dinner got out with 7 kills was tired of finishing 2nd each time , so after months of trying i got it

    4 june 2020 18:57 2269

    2 chicken dinner . its to hard for me.

    5 june 2020 01:36 2269

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