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    Is this like Blade and Soul?

    I've played Blade and Soul when I was younger, and this bears a similar title. Is it the same game or is it different?

    7 may 2020 09:25 2198

    no its not the same

    12 may 2020 12:35 2198

    this is a diffrent game
    Blade and soul still exists and has the same name but if you gonna play blade and soul again i will warn you it might dissapoint you since the game is dying extra fast cause of the korean devs (NA/EU servers i mean idk about other servers)
    its a fun game with friends , cool outfits , cool pvp mechanics pretty fun pve but gets boring cause you gotta run the thing over and over for the stuff you need

    but if you gonna play it try to get some friends or ask ppl to help you
    when you hit max lvl 60 try to get into a clan if youre lucky it will be nice clan like i was in

    12 may 2020 12:40 2198

    its more like propain .... blood on the dance floor

    31 july 2020 20:02 2198

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