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    Your Music Of Choise

    I was a little curious about what your taste in music is boys and girls that inspires you to fight more passionately preventing you from giving up when something goes wrong on your team and keeps you motivated to play to the bitter end when one of your team mates is performing miserably so I would like to hear what songs do you find ideal to strengthen your will and make the game more pleasant to you? Don't be shy to speak your mind!

    29 december 2017 03:20 77

    Hmm... This is a really good question... I would say it depends on my mood if I am winning I go for something harder like rock or metal but if I am losing I would probably turn to pop or ballads maybe just melodies...

    29 december 2017 03:31 77

    I do not know why but whenever a game ending scenario occurs, I always have Piano playing in my head. Like classical music. When I play Vayne, I always hear Edith Piaf - Regrette Rien. Then I always get a triple or quadra. :/ Hmmmmmmmm. Why tho.

    19 february 2019 21:50 77

    chill lo fi if i'm playing support for a friend, otherwise normie rap **** like migos orski mask, + some edgy stuff like suicideboys for my solo q vayne games.

    24 march 2019 21:00 77

    I usually prefer epic music while I am playing

    28 march 2019 00:44 77

    I just start the nightcire playlist on youtube and start playing.But my favorite when it comes to my favorite music i would say chill songs so like jazz.

    26 may 2019 15:19 77

    Balkan Music xD

    31 may 2019 14:46 77

    Chill/rap music when playing with friends. Non-music while playing alone

    16 june 2019 08:47 77

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