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    Guys I'm trading steam keys for SG!

    Hello! So, I have a bunch of steam keys that I can do nothing with, and I'm thinking of trading all of them (there's about 20 of them, maybe more, but some are repeated). It includes the games Unforgiving trials, The Deer, Yellow, Brilliant Bob, Why so Evil (1 & 2), GooCublets (1&2), Minion Masters, and many more. I'll trade all of them for 400 soul gems. If you're interested message me =)

    25 december 2017 23:04 1628

    messaged you

    26 december 2017 15:33 1628

    If your keys are from marvelousga.com some may have been re-used on dupedornot.com


    27 december 2017 19:06 1628

    some of them are, but most of them are not

    27 december 2017 19:44 1628

    How do you even trade?

    28 december 2017 07:03 1628

    you have to be lvl 6 to give SG to someone else, then I'll message you with the keys

    28 december 2017 15:20 1628

    how can i lvl up ?

    28 december 2017 15:30 1628

    Nice idea, but currently, only about 0.30% of all Gamehag users can send you gems. And most of those people are here long enough to only spend Soul Gems on things they really want, and not on small games that might be fun for a day or two.

    Also, sending SG to Gamehag for rewards is a safer trade for everyone. Nobody knows if you keep your end of the bargain and Gamehag won't need to refund SG in case of scams. Other way around, if you give the keys first, how do YOU know if we will keep our end of the bargain?

    Good luck selling your games here or elsewhere though. ;)

    29 december 2017 13:37 1628

    am interrested by your offer

    29 december 2017 13:42 1628

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