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    Wanna grind to level 15 quick?

    It depends on what play-style you like, but i recommend you to play co-op battles only, they are way quicker than in random battles, lastly use cruisers and destroyers, they have good rate of fire and torps to kill enemies quick.

    24 april 2020 20:47 6547

    how do you use an aircraft carrier effectively?

    25 april 2020 23:25 6547

    Using cv is the hardest, but i can use give some tips, so there are 4 types of aircraft, rocket planes, bombers, torpedo bombers, and fighter planes.

    26 april 2020 04:23 6547

    First is to position your cv to a safe position, press M brings the map, and click to an area which is safe for cvs. While auto driving to your area bring your (rocket aircrafts) up and spot the DD.

    26 april 2020 04:27 6547

    Then it is important to spot for you're team for the battle to become successful

    26 april 2020 04:28 6547

    Rocket aircrafts is effective to DD, Bomber planes is good to set fires to enemy BB and CA. Torp bomber is also effective for floods, lastly the attack planes is good for defending dying team mates.

    26 april 2020 04:32 6547

    i hope you found this useful, have fun in the game.

    26 april 2020 04:33 6547

    how do i see lvl?

    26 april 2020 17:24 6547

    you can see it when you go to your profile, it is near the tech tree bar, press the profile then you can see your level in your service record

    26 april 2020 17:29 6547

    comments were useful

    26 april 2020 20:21 6547

    you can get xp fast by doing Random battles, co-op battles is very bad for getting xp to research new ships, but use co-op for grinding to level 15

    26 april 2020 22:55 6547

    if you want to join in a platoon, pm me

    27 april 2020 11:48 6547

    On Level 5+ you will be killed sooner with human opponents, but the time to start a battle may be long

    28 april 2020 13:00 6547

    yes, but you can still go to coop battles and win faster. In random battles, you can get experience quick

    28 april 2020 13:52 6547

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