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    Is this game a pay-to-win?

    I wanted to try this out cause of all the advertisements but usually games like these are pay to win so idk maybe you guys can tell me if you've played before. Thanks in advance :)

    23 april 2020 08:32 5943

    so,in this game not ad

    27 april 2020 10:34 5943

    so,this game is pay to win ?

    27 april 2020 11:04 5943

    i want lvl 3

    27 april 2020 15:17 5943

    This game is not recommended for F2P because it is P2W

    28 april 2020 08:30 5943

    Not really pay to win.

    29 april 2020 16:22 5943

    it's not really p2w because you can easily get diamonds from campaign, daily mission, event (oh there's a lot of event in this game) for gacha-ing valkyries (character). I've been playing this since last year without spending any money and i have so many powerful valkyries and weapons just by playing the game. And tbh i don't feel like grinding at all in this game, I was enjoying this so much, from the graphics, story, gameplay, a really good game. because it's free, why don't you try it?

    14 may 2020 14:11 5943

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