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    (4.46/5) 1100 rates

    why is this game so underrated

    why is this game so underrated

    21 april 2020 20:22 2154

    Many cards have special abilities that aren’t listed directly on the card. For example, cards listed with “Deathtouch” may have very weak and pointless stats but can eliminate any enemy card with one attack. Realizing and knowing what cards have these abilities is crucial to the overall performance of your deck, and

    21 april 2020 20:25 2154

    no this wasnt what i meant

    21 april 2020 20:37 2154

    I would say because it gives you no real tutorial for crafting, mods, etc and then the grind idk how many people like grinding games like this, another thing is that it gets BORING after a few days

    23 april 2020 01:16 2154

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