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    MM still out to get me, sigh....

    So a '-' means my team had more bad players, a '+' means the enemy had more bad players. A '-' is bad for me, a '+' is good for me. If you look at how EVERY night starts, it's a lot of '-'. Night 1 had 2 '-'. Night 2, 4 of the first 5 were '-'. Night 3, 5 of the first 6 were '-'. In total I have had 17 '-' bad teams, and 11 '+' good teams. No where near 50% as random should provide. Since xvm no longer give chance to win, I am using a very basic method to measure team skill. I simply count yellow/green/blue/purple players. The team with more is the 'good' team. When there is just 1-2 tanks difference, it's not very accurate. But once the difference gets up to 4-5 (or higher), it's very very accurate. It just sucks that my nights 'start' with such bad teams. Think about it, if I just played the first 4-5 games then quit, my win rate would be in the crapper. It's very tiring to start nights like this, as it means I will HAVE to play for another hour to try and claw my way back up to 50% for the day. This is a typical pattern for me. I believe what happens is I get a crappy bunch of initial teams my win rate drops, then MM gives me decent teams, my winrate goes up and I log off. The next day MM looks at the last few battles, where my winrate had gone up, then gives me crappy teams. And over and over and over. - I so wish they would factor in player/team skill so I'd never ever have to have crappy teams again.

    14 december 2017 20:28 1

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