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    War Thunder

    (4.39/5) 13007 rates

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    2500 5500
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    For 4 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    Is this game good?

    Please tell me!!!

    18 april 2020 22:12 11

    Yes, this game is way better than world of tanks because there are also boats and planes you can play with

    20 april 2020 10:41 11

    I think you should earn Robux instead.

    20 april 2020 11:17 11

    maybe yes its cool

    20 april 2020 12:14 11

    I dont know it is my commenttt

    20 april 2020 13:20 11

    this game is unique

    20 april 2020 13:25 11

    yes not bad

    22 april 2020 17:43 11

    yes this game is good

    22 april 2020 19:11 11

    xD :D ;:)

    22 april 2020 22:40 11

    If you mean for a quest there fecked yeah the game is pretty entertaining though i think the support team got the sack or just straight left the job had enough :/

    22 april 2020 22:52 11

    Yeah, it's a great game!

    23 april 2020 04:36 11

    Give me level 3 gamehag so i can play roblox but yes this game is rlly goood time spender

    23 april 2020 07:10 11

    idk I haven't download it yet I'll download it tomorrow

    23 april 2020 07:26 11

    Its a great game, it takes a while to get to the top ranks except when you do its a great feeling and the vehicles are always very interesting

    23 april 2020 07:27 11

    mmm not to bad

    23 april 2020 15:59 11

    good good good

    23 april 2020 17:03 11

    Played it for so many years, the game has gone in the opposite direction for me though. It saddens me as most new players will not be able to access vehicles such as the mouse, panther 2, and king tiger. All these vehicles had been removed. I know of people who had played this game with me for years and yet most of them are still not even close to tier 6. It also saddens me to see that some vehicles can be bought at that tier. Most players were against this, yet gaijin still implemented it. I mean someone who has never played the game had the ability to access jets by buying one...not very fair considering the exponential grind it took me personally to get there, also they are noobs in the best of vehicles...they will be playing against veterans...not very enjoyable if you buy 120$ jets and you get reckt every time you get into matchmaking. I am happy to see the development in the number of nations for the game as people who are veterans will have the experience of a noob grinding a new country... ~ Summary: Good game, fun with friends, Development seems promising.

    23 april 2020 21:02 11

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