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    WHY DOES IT SAY NOT Registered new account

    it tells me i didnt register a new account but i did i made like 3 new account and still says the same thing

    16 april 2020 04:25 7066

    i had same problem. i made new account and I have never played this game before but got rejected. I wasted a good amount of time installing and playing the game. Also waited almosta whole day just to hear that I have been rejected because they think the account wasn't new when it was. It was my very first time installing and playing this game and should of been accepted.

    17 april 2020 03:49 7066

    you gotta make sure that you made the account from clicking the "play for free" button

    18 april 2020 04:27 7066

    Maybe you created to many accounts?

    18 april 2020 17:11 7066

    this game have aalot of login problems :\

    19 april 2020 15:24 7066

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