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    Rejected article

    Reason obscenity? What does that suppose to mean?

    14 april 2020 20:54 1628

    Yeah, my article was rejected also, apparently because of a user report. There's no way to know who or what was reported.

    I suspect some trolls reject all articles just for fun since there's no consequence.

    14 april 2020 23:02 1628

    you will always find some trolls on the internet.

    14 april 2020 23:05 1628

    yeah i was writing one for 6h and it got user rejected

    14 april 2020 23:19 1628

    Wow, that's so weird, I put so much effort into making that review and now some random people just deleted it? The admin should accept it or reject it...

    15 april 2020 00:02 1628

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