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    Warface noobs

    Not a single decent players in warface, anyone here plays warface iwill add u lets make a team

    26 november 2017 16:23 1627

    i don't but i now someone who do but its kinda noob

    5 december 2017 17:23 1627


    7 december 2017 17:24 1627

    Warface has developed very much this year when compared to earlier this year, I used to play this game in co-op mode earlier and his was quite fun except some hiccups at that time... Now, this game seems pretty good and is on top of most played list on steam..... :)

    7 december 2017 19:27 1627

    iknow its a good game i love it,what i mean is some players literally do nothing

    11 december 2017 16:56 1627

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