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    Is this a kids game?

    Just wondering if it's worthwhile playing. Or would an adult be bored?

    13 april 2020 14:37 6707

    Yes, it's a kids game. I'm not sure I could stand it for a long while, but I've done a couple of adults as an adult and it was entertainingly silly. I wouldn't go much further as an adult personally, but others may disagree. There's a lot of walking between screens to meet the criteria that I imagine would drive many adults mad in the long run! Worth trying the two island task though, and seeing how you find it.

    14 april 2020 15:07 6707

    Yes, but you can get entertained

    14 april 2020 15:13 6707

    Yes it is noooob

    14 april 2020 17:00 6707

    This game looks like thT it's make only for kid. Btw hahahahahahahahah. I am doing comments to gain exp beuh!!!!!!

    15 april 2020 07:48 6707

    Yeah,it's kids,but is a lovely game.

    18 may 2020 16:43 6707

    It is for kids but even adults can get super stumped with the puzzles sometimes. and a lot of the worlds have a lot of replayability and they're always finding new cool ways to implement critical thinking, I totally recommend this game

    1 september 2020 07:02 6707

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