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    Mount & Blade: Warband

    What do you think about this game ?? I am playing it and It's really good for me.

    21 november 2017 00:16 1627

    iz nice. bit outdated now but you're gonna be in your 100s before bannerlord comes out so its the best we got

    12 september 2019 00:03 1627

    Hi, this game is great!

    12 september 2019 04:35 1627

    can anyone suggest a good game that I can play?

    12 september 2019 04:36 1627

    Mount & Blade is absolutely splendid!
    ohh and @pupcakegirl543 if you like M&B, then surely u will like its Napoleonic War DLC, it is also a masterpiece, and u will like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Heroes & Generals too I think, the latter one is free on steam

    12 september 2019 07:14 1627

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