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    is making a roblox game hard?

    is it hard tell me

    8 april 2020 20:07 2173

    Well, making a roblox game may seem hard.
    When you get used to it, no.
    When you just started you can say yes.
    But, nothing in life is free.
    What i mean to tell u is, learn scripting, building and / or get someone to do the work for you!

    8 april 2020 20:16 2173

    If you get used to it, no. You need to try. It seems that way when you start, but it's not. I hope i was helpfull.

    8 april 2020 20:45 2173

    Some people find it hard but you'll get used to it .

    8 april 2020 20:47 2173

    yeah ifits ur 1st time

    8 april 2020 20:49 2173

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