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    Player unknowns battle ground:Everything you need to know about it

    This game has taken the global game market by a boom.This game has is growing so fast that mybe in the near future it will be the best game to have ever existed.The greatest game there ever will be here is a bit something you need to know about it.These facts may help you to improve your gameplay or enjoy the game a bit more.
    1.The "DAMAGE";
    Lets start with the price tag.Comparing to other games that claim to give the same experience PUBG comes very cheap.Selling at $30 it is a must have game for the gaming addicts there.Challenging but fun spend that money and you will never regret doing so.
    System requirements:
    Of course you cannot play this game on wooden pcs as it is a 2017 model.I recommend playing with the optimal system requirements for the best experience.This game requires at least a middle range gaming PC from 3-4 at most in order to run smoothly with an intel i5 level CPU. However the system memory requirement is slightly higher at 6GB while the GPU should have at least 2GB of video memory available.So all those who are planning to play it at 240x240 res please do stay away.
    3.HOW GOOD IS IT??
    By the stats of over 2mil people logging in everyday to play it i dont think it needs any explanation.This game is sooo good that if you put 10 copies in your store it will be sold by an hour.The game is selling like hotcakes now and needs no further explanation.The entire idea of the game fascinates me.LAST MAN STANDING survival!!!.WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT!.

    I think the company should pay me for writing so much about hteir game and promoting a game that sells like hotcakes.LOL!

    30 october 2017 12:25 1625

    It's Amaizing. Keep Going

    20 april 2019 17:30 1625

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