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    Does Games in Gamehag really gives SG?

    I'm asking because i havent tried it before so i wanna know if it really works if you finished the task and just get SG

    31 march 2020 05:29 1628

    Of course, although sometimes it is slow or encounters other problems

    31 march 2020 05:40 1628

    Yeah, it is. In certain tasks, they will really give a soul gems. Just complete the task from any games and you'll receive it.

    31 march 2020 06:00 1628

    Make sure you click the "play for free" button and complete the registration or you might run into the issue of being rejected for tasks. This reduces the risk of double the investment for the reward.

    31 march 2020 06:06 1628

    The mostt important thing to remember is to registerr the game using the same email you are using for Gamehag

    31 march 2020 07:09 1628

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