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    31 march 2020 02:07 13

    2d strateji ve rpg fena sayılmaz

    31 march 2020 02:22 13

    Never heard of this game.

    31 march 2020 04:05 13

    this is a free browser game which is very quirky. In this game, you'll need to train your avatar, or hero, to increase your stats which can also be done by getting gears. You can also compete in PvP, overall, a good game to pass time, but the special currency is too hard to get for free, so, microtransactions will always be an option if you really like the game.

    31 march 2020 04:20 13

    mircrotransactions are very expensive

    11 april 2020 09:09 13

    this game is very coooooool

    12 april 2020 10:45 13

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