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    Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: This great update is released on January 16, 2018.

    We all have been expecting this for quite sometime :) 
    Now let's dive  in!

    There has been a lot of rumors about the new version of Street Fighter V, 
    and now we finally have a confirmation of that.
    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition comes out on January 16, 2018 and brings with it an updated interface,
    the long-awaited Arcade Mode, the gallery, the Extra Battle Mode,
    all the characters from the first and second seasons, and the new V-trigger for all the characters.

    As for the Arcade Mode itself, you will be able to choose an opponent from whom you will fight, 
    ie a series of fighters from a particular game (street fighter II era, Street Fighter Alpha era, etc.),
    and a bonus fight will also be made return.

    Extra Battle Mode will allow players to earn Premium costumes every four months through four special fights. 
    These missions will also be changed at the end of the month. Before the release of Street Fighter V, Capcom promised that additional content related to the game
    itself would not be charged and this promise was fulfilled. Namely, all owners of the game will receive
    this update for free, including Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, new V-trigger, gallery and new interface,
    while Street Fighter V can be purchased separately for $ 40, which includes characters from the first
    and second seasons. In the meantime, Capcom promised more information to the New York Comic Con. For now,
    the only concern remains whether Arcade Mode will have separate epilogues or not, but we will have to
    wait for that.

    17 october 2017 18:07 1625

    look for a better title

    15 march 2019 21:00 1625

    look at this nice work

    16 march 2019 00:54 1625

    Street Fighter is a classic that has appealed to generations of gamers everywhere. Glad to hear they still remain innovative after all this time.

    16 march 2019 01:35 1625

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