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    what did you get from high five chest?

    can everyone write what they got so we can determine chances of getting good prizes in that chest

    25 march 2020 19:11 1628

    I'm still working on it. When I will open it (if I can collect enough gems, before the time runs out), I will return to this topic

    25 march 2020 21:46 1628

    yeah true they will give u a random steamkey the chances to get something else is 2%

    26 march 2020 00:14 1628

    oh that sucks, i was hoping for something else

    26 march 2020 00:41 1628

    how do you guys do the math for that?

    26 march 2020 16:39 1628

    Don't have high hopes for it. But I do wish you good luck with it.

    26 march 2020 17:47 1628

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