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    Reward won't come

    I have ordered 5€ PSC 4 days before and still have not received it

    11 october 2017 23:32 1628

    I wait for same 5 euro card for 2 weeks, I would be surprised if you'll get yours that fast. there's an issue with rewards, many users wait for their reward for days and even weeks

    11 october 2017 23:40 1628

    I've contacted Misty and I'm now waiting for an answer, but the FAQ says that it usually takes 10min up to 72h... However, I want my money 😅

    11 october 2017 23:44 1628

    If you notice this site is slowly turn to a scam site 🐧, that's why maverlousga break partnership with it

    12 october 2017 04:28 1628

    many people have this problem.gl

    12 october 2017 05:12 1628

    Day 8, still no reward for me either. The good news is if I get refunded, I'll have so much more soul gems, and I could buy much better rewards. The bad news, is that everything you'll ever buy could get refunded and you could end up with millions of Soul Gems, but never get a reward with it.

    12 october 2017 12:39 1628

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