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    What should spend my SG on ?

    What should I spent my SG on, some people say that chests are bad so dunno

    23 march 2020 13:17 1628

    yeah, whatever you'd like but dont buy chests its about a ~1% chance of getting anything over a $1 random steam game that you're very unlikely to really play

    23 march 2020 15:01 1628

    never random chests just set goal for a game you want and buy it with regular way dont risk it

    23 march 2020 15:08 1628

    If you have Steam, you can get Steam Wallet Codes, wait for the discounts.
    Never buy chests.

    23 march 2020 16:33 1628

    get anything except a chest. You cant really get anything good from them unless you're really lucky.

    23 march 2020 17:10 1628

    Never get stuff from chests they wont give stuff over 1$ so just spend it on a game or gift card

    23 march 2020 17:13 1628

    I haven't really had good luck with chests. I would suggest using them for guaranteed things, like games, etc.

    23 march 2020 17:48 1628

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