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    Lineage 2 Classic - review.

    Lineage 2 Classic, is an MMO game in which we have great opportunities to develop various characters, PVP battles, clans, getting items, etc. The main advantage of the game is the ability to choose the race of characters, and then the ability to perform quests that allow us to seek "sub-class." In other words, you can play an elf who is both an archer and you can choose an elf wizard.

    Hello, y'all! Today, I want to talk about the game called Lineage 2 Classic. This is one of my favorite games and I am sure you will enjoy it!

    Lineage 2 Classic

    Each race allows you to develop characters in a completely different way, and this is because each character is needed for something during a joint fight called "party". We can set one up and hunt powerful monsters together, as well as farm and expose on creatures that we couldn't do alone.

    There are 5 breeds: People, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Dwarves.
    Each race has a different development tree and has different attributes such as intelligence, strength, and endurance.
    A simple example, Dark Elves, if we go towards the magician have very powerful spells, but they charge long, while the Elves have weaker spells, but they can very often "remember" with them.

    The game is based mainly on cooperation with other players. We have the option of starting our clan and joining one of them. We have the option of selling things that we deem unnecessary by setting a sell option in the city and our hero will be sitting with the sale offer until we take him from there. We can also improve our equipment thanks to various items, which strengthens our strength and capabilities.

    The game is free for 7 days, then you have to buy a subscription, but I must subjectively indicate that it pays off.


    We do not have to worry about the hardware requirements because the game despite the very nice graphics will even work on a shirt hanger.
    Sometimes you can find servers that offer increased exp (typical PVP). However, you should look for such, I personally prefer to play normally than with "boosts".

    It should be remembered that the game's focus is mainly on the shared play, which is why people who are "lone wolves" may not necessarily consider it as good entertainment. However, this is an MMO game, so we should be aware that the main focus is on the "party".

    Everyone should at least try for a few days with friends to try to play together, discuss strategies, etc.


    Lineage 2 provides a lot of fun and sleepless nights because once you sit down time flies so you don't know when it's been 8 hours. However, the satisfaction is huge!
    You must try out.

    What do I think of the game?

    I rate the game with 8/10. The game is really nice, the graphics have high quality. It's really fun to play the game with friends, you must try out! The biggest minus of the game is that we have to pay to play, but as I mentioned above, it always pays off. You can play the game on Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8 / 10.
    What do you think of the game? Let me know in the comment section!
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    22 march 2020 17:22 1625

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