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    Is writing articles in non-english allowed?

    i think it shouldnt be allowed also when i spent ton of time translating them on few translators article i found is completely horrible almost spam and i think they are written in foreign languages on purpose to avoid being tagged for spam. Anyway what should I do should i report those as spam or just dont vote them at all??

    21 march 2020 20:41 1628

    As far as I know, it doesn't say anywhere that it's allowed to write articles in non-English, but for sure if you write an article in non-English, the admins will disapprove it. Personally, when I rate articles I avoid non-English articles because we are on the English server and I think it shouldn't be allowed. However, I think that we must show a little bit of tolerance to these people because most of them don't speak proper English. Spam is really easy to recognize, It's just spamming with different letters. Some of the non-English articles shouldn't be considered as spam because some non-English people are putting a lot of effort into their articles, but however, I think you could just reject them. But if you see somebody spamming with letters (even if they don't look very similar to the Latin ones), just report them as spam.

    24 march 2020 16:35 1628

    how do you reject articles?

    24 march 2020 17:22 1628

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