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    guys as all know dont_waste fourm was deleted by gamehag because too many theards and spam and they dont want to give it us back or gem back at least so i want u people to invite people to this fourm

    21 march 2020 10:38 4057

    yes, the forum was deleted due the massive and many pages of spam.

    spamming the forums is just not allowed, even in private groups.

    22 march 2020 19:42 4057

    but i wasnt invite to spam i was reprort and close and kick who spam ....

    23 march 2020 00:45 4057

    they were simply out of control ,, Bunch of people who wanted to level up for no good reason ,,, Dont Make the same mistake in this group ((Dieiflie)) ,, keep watching threads and every member joining this group

    25 march 2020 00:48 4057

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