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    Wizard 101

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    Is it a good game to play?

    I kept seeing ads about it and couldn't stop but wonder what this game is about. Obviously, its wizards and magic, but what do you do in it? What is it about? Should I play it? Is it free also? I am really considering playing it, kind of looks fun

    6 october 2017 23:22 42

    yes it is a well put together card game with a good story

    11 october 2017 23:42 42

    The story at the start is boring, but it is a good game after that, even without having to spend any money, which makes it even better.

    26 november 2017 01:11 42

    It's relatively fun. It is built for young kids, so older audiences may find less entertainment, not being in Wizard101's target market. It is free to play, but not free to win. Once you get far enough you need to start paying for things to be any good. If you like turn based magical combat and don't mind paying a little money it's a good game, otherwise it's not.

    28 may 2018 17:51 42

    I used to play it when i was younger is it still any good?

    9 august 2018 09:35 42

    It struggled to keep my attention, but as previously mentioned, the game is obviously made for small children, so I'm definitely not within the target demographic.

    10 october 2018 15:42 42

    I got hit on by a kid, 0/10 would not play again

    10 october 2018 22:24 42

    Not all games that are designed like this game is "targeted" for kids. Several adults also play this game because its cute and fun. I dont think you should base your opinion of a game solely on the fact that a "kid" hit on you. I personally have played this game and I really enjoyed it.

    16 october 2018 02:29 42

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