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    This is a temporary thread, it can be locked at any wished moment. Where you can ask your question(s). as long their regarding the forums or other functions on Gamehag i'll try answer them as good as i can. Replies which is not about the topic will be removed. this is for those who don't understand why their xp has been removed nor know how things work on Gamehag. So let it begin, first question? :)

    12 march 2020 15:28 1628

    How come genuine comments on Gamehag continue to get removed like they're spam?

    12 march 2020 15:49 1628

    @supermonkey_132 a lot of people write on the forums, and sometimes, even with genuine messages they spam, in many cases they are left alone, but when they start Copy paste parts in from long texts and belive its a genuine mesage, nor multi message a lot (seen often people write 5-10 messages in a row with 3-5 words) it starts becoming spam, as it all could be written in one message insted.

    but all messages are reviewed manually.

    a other thing could be, that you've maybe replied to a spam thread, where the thread was removed, or made topics with no content (often seen in spam topics)

    hope it did answer your question.

    12 march 2020 15:56 1628

    Thanks! Also, do you happen to have City Skylines in your inventory?

    12 march 2020 19:55 1628

    @supermonkey_132, i had but the key is redeemed now.

    12 march 2020 21:53 1628

    I've finished a contact from a game. Can I do another contract from the same game, with another in-game account, or with another device (another phone)?

    12 march 2020 22:09 1628

    @pff18 if you mean you've done a task of a game, you can still use the same account (should be) to do the remaning tasks, but the account should always be made though the link on gamehags page.

    if you mean you mean from the offerwall, then im most cases you need ot be a new user, in other words never played it before. i'd assume if you use a other account, that it would be counting as new user, but if its okay to go around the system like it, im unsure.

    hope it answers your question

    12 march 2020 22:17 1628

    Thank you!

    12 march 2020 22:52 1628

    no problem, any more which have questions? then i'll answer them later :)

    13 march 2020 00:50 1628

    @charles_strokes Spamming is not allowed. and you lose about 10xp pr message removed..

    13 march 2020 11:49 1628

    Why are valuable threads closed (like when a user makes a thread like this one), and thrash threads still open? And no, it is not a one time thing, I have seen a lot of useful threads locked, and there are millions of thrash threads open, that even after being reported never get locked.

    13 march 2020 13:23 1628

    Will my previous comment (and this one) get deleted and marked as spam? Every time I make a serious question like this, or criticize the way GH works, bam! -10xp.

    13 march 2020 13:23 1628

    Me too, apparently all messages are manually reviewed, so Gamehag will probably remove any criticism about their site.

    13 march 2020 13:36 1628

    @Ratnadhatamam A lot of threads are made daily, and I'm being honest when i say, i remove quiet a few spam ones daily. and an example just today, about 16 threads has been "how do i level up" and they even been back to back. there's not really a reason to have 16 open threads about the same subject. some of them was multi threads, some of them was filled with spam, and a few was just genuine questions. so some of them was locked, as they can find the answer in the other threads about the same issue, and its better a few of them is locked than deleted so they don't lose their xp.

    I'm a bit afraid of some people is abusein the forums as well, as its been seen on a daily basis, like as said people don't stop themselves from spamming, I've personally seen the same guy make 8 topics about the same subject, but just changing a word or 2. and then comin back complaning that they lost xp and even make multiply threads about that, when the fact is, they just try to hide the fact they mass spam topics.

    I have not been a mod for long, but i spend a few hours a day just to try clean up in all of the spam here, and theres surely a lot.

    about the reported topics/messages. people are mass reporting everything, thinking their gaining SG from it, and it also take countless of hours to check, as its manually checked. The fact is just that, they only gain SG if its infact deleted, and thats if its spam, or violating some of the other rules of the potal, which in many cases, can be avoided if people used their common sence.

    hope it did answer your question, else feel free to ask agian.

    13 march 2020 13:39 1628

    What is the best way to earn xp?

    13 march 2020 13:53 1628

    @sodaqvist - the best way is in fact to do the game offers and contracts (offer wall) as many of them offer a quiet decent gems + xp upon completion, talking on forums will max grant you 50 xp daily, but if you violate the rules, with the messages, spam etc., you'll lose 10xp each comment removed, and can in fact risk a forum ban as well, if you do it to much.

    13 march 2020 13:56 1628

    Alright, I'm not even close to spamming. I mean I've been talking on a few forum chats but important stuff.
    Also @line_madsen I've changed steam name and picture. But can't open steam daily. Steam friend ID: 358810004

    13 march 2020 14:00 1628

    @sodaqvist - i just tell you it as information, ^^, you know theres up and downsides of xp, and you got them both.

    Sadly i cant help you with it, maybe it needs to sync, you could try reload the page.

    13 march 2020 14:02 1628

    Where can I go if I'm not receiving Soul Gems from some of the offers?

    13 march 2020 14:18 1628

    @lord_rhysand - if its a game offer on gamehags site (get more -> games) then you need to contact misty (which is the site support)

    if its a contract (get more -> contracts) then its the choosen offerwall you got the offer from you need to contact. and its not all of the offerwalls which got a "contact us"

    13 march 2020 14:21 1628

    What's your opinion on threads with okay topic but none or too little content?
    I've seen a lot of those lately on Roblox and CSGO forums like "Best map?", "Good game on Roblox?", "Strongest gun? - Mine is AWP", etc. Personally I consider those spam threads because while the questions themselves have merit they are either a repetition of an older thread (which they should have dug up instead of creating a new one to farm XP), or show that the asker doesn't put effort into the thread. I think any thread that asks for opinions should begin with the asker's own opinion detailed. Something like "What's the strongest gun in CSGO?" - "I think AWP in general is the best if you can afford it and have a lot of patience, since it's deadly even at close range if you can quickscope reliably. At lower levels sticking with M4A1 is probably better than AK47 since new players often spray and AK47 has a much higher recoil. As for the first couple of rounds go with a DE if you have good aim..."

    13 march 2020 16:25 1628

    @fomi - well, i can only agree on i find a ton of topics where the content is lacking, making a thread "this vs that" or even threads which can be answered with little to no effort, in a few words, could i many cases be considered spam. its not cause you gain more xp by creating a thread vs replying. but a good topic can always lead out to some good answers, discussions etc.

    just to use your own example, the question about best map on csgo: if the creator of the topic made the content inside the topic as well, about what map, and why, it could lead to a great thread, point of views, discussion.. but many just cut it down to "tell me" - "what map" at that moment the thread in my eyes don't really have content, (and its not like it takes so much longer to make a thread of interest)

    but it all leads back to gaining xp in the end, people know creating a thread or a reply will grant them 10 xp (up to 5 a day) and therefor their just mass producing/spamming to get to level 3-5 to be able to take out rewards.

    hope it answers your question, else feel free to ask agian :D

    13 march 2020 16:43 1628

    um i'm having issue with this game m8 bleach online offer one, not getting a confirmation emailat all :(

    13 march 2020 16:58 1628

    @meowkasa - I'm a bit unsure about this, sometimes the task will still go though without it, but sometimes not, i've forwarded the question to one from the gamehag team :)

    13 march 2020 17:12 1628

    Way the XP lost every day ?

    13 march 2020 18:03 1628

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