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    Where did the surveys go

    Hi guys. It's been like a year since I last logged in, and also, all of a sudden, I can't take surveys :/. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks.

    11 march 2020 01:41 1628

    I hate the surveys, too. It doesn't work for me, too

    11 march 2020 03:41 1628

    The best survey is the SurveyTime all the others has a lots bugs

    11 march 2020 03:56 1628

    The survey are not good at all. They dont work for me at all....

    11 march 2020 05:10 1628

    No, I mean where did the wall go? It's been there ever since I can remember...

    12 march 2020 02:40 1628

    Do you get gems or just level up for surveys?

    12 march 2020 02:49 1628

    You get both. That's how I got Disturbed Wizard level so fast. It levels you up a lot. Or at least it used to...

    12 march 2020 02:50 1628

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