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    Is this game worth to play, 'cause I don't have that much memory to spare.

    So all people talk about that game and I curious, is this game worth to download?

    10 march 2020 15:27 2830

    if you haven't played it before and have a good pc, then sure it'll be a nice game for you

    16 march 2020 16:29 2830

    eafaewfwe frawefae

    18 march 2020 07:55 2830

    I get 200 fps.. Also its a rlly good game ngl. at first it may seem rlly difficult due to the pro players but once u practice daily for atleast an hour by playing box figthts, ffa, solos, creative and playground u rlly improve. most skins cost v bucks, The online currency.. BUT sometimes epic games also add free skins.Overall u should download it.

    18 march 2020 08:07 2830

    Memory or Storage Space
    Cos RAM doesnt run out lol

    18 march 2020 08:25 2830

    Unless u run multiple apps i mean

    18 march 2020 08:25 2830

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