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    what is the most broken champ ???

    i think master yee is kinda broken and teemo too

    10 march 2020 11:05 77

    you have late game monsters like kassadin, jax, master yi. you have champs that scale the longer the game goes on(given you hit cs), like nasus and veigar, theres darius that does tons of damage if you can get your passive stacked and can semi tank the team. its jus finding that crazy character for yourself

    11 march 2020 11:25 77

    Sett, senna, aphelios, diana,....

    11 march 2020 20:01 77

    ye sett if you you really know you play with he can 1v9 EZ xd

    11 march 2020 20:24 77

    That depends , literally every champ can get feeded and smash the entire game , and no i'm not goanna say that because i hate him but Yasuo is kinda weird i mean i saw someone 0/8/3 yasuo earlygame and he ripped us out lategame , that thing is just weird but he is not invincible

    12 march 2020 15:47 77

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