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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    How to improve my aim?

    Tell me gow to improve my aim at CS:GO

    9 march 2020 20:32 808

    Play Deathmatch more more and more

    10 march 2020 09:43 808

    Play on deathmatch servers,and use training maps (you can find these maps from steam workshop)

    10 march 2020 22:23 808

    just practice, no faster way.

    11 march 2020 04:28 808

    I would suggest you follow a routine, Idk if it would help you but I hope that you could find something useful in this comment.
    Do you know how Bodybuilders make a routine to perfect which part of the body they want to hit just like how for Monday they only target the chest and shoulders, Tuesday for the Back and Arms, Wednesday for the Legs and so on.
    (some might follow a different routine but for now, I'm sticking with this one.

    what I did is that I made a routine for myself,
    Monday for Rifles
    Tuesday for Snipers
    Wednesday for Pistols
    Thursday for SMGs
    Friday for Rifles
    Saturday for Movement training and Some casual matchmaking
    Sunday for Competitive or Face it
    (you can mix it up if you want to personalize on what you want to work on and what you want to be better in)

    I'm personally working on being an entry fragger as a rifler because many people in lower matchmaking rank are very defensive (in a bad way) so I'm not too sure on how to help you but I recommend you get at least 800 headshots or more with any rifle, pistol or smg of your preference

    11 march 2020 07:24 808

    If you want to improve your aim you can either play deathmatch or custom training map you can find those in steam workshop, improving your aim isnt going to becoming better over one night, you have to train and play csgo for couple hours. try aiming for the head with bots and then try go for deathmatch

    13 march 2020 12:04 808

    First take your keyboard and smash and take your mouse and throw it from the window and then try to play, you will get good aim XD

    14 march 2020 15:20 808

    Training maps

    15 march 2020 05:19 808

    Train all the maps

    16 march 2020 10:36 808

    Best way is to play the game and you'll get around it

    16 march 2020 12:25 808

    Play in deathmatch servers & workshop training maps

    17 march 2020 10:25 808

    you could download a map to practice

    17 march 2020 17:18 808

    Keep on playing, youll get better

    17 march 2020 20:38 808

    When you play more matches youre aime will be better.Of course when you have a gaming pc it will be better too!

    17 march 2020 21:08 808

    good map is aim_botz , deathmatch is bad, use FFA (free for all) servers, they have better DM servers than Valve's. Just go to community servers and type in FFA.

    17 march 2020 23:14 808

    keep playing the game and find your mistakes

    18 march 2020 12:16 808

    there are comunity maps that help you

    18 march 2020 12:30 808

    Download aimbotz workshop map or any other aim training map and do it for like 30min a day, you will improve quickly, also dont do normal deathmatch, do hs only deathmatch, with pistol only, or awp only, or ak only, etc. Also try improving recoil control and try to 1 tap nstead of spraying.

    18 march 2020 13:01 808

    just aim

    18 march 2020 21:52 808

    just practice or play deathmatch

    21 march 2020 10:49 808

    1. Yoy have to find your perfect sensitivity, then you will improve your aim 3x times faster 2. Download aim maps from Steam Workshop, practice there before matches and in free time do this everyday!!

    21 march 2020 15:32 808

    Deathmatch or aim maps

    21 march 2020 19:13 808

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