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    sorcerer game today is complete joke

    as the title says, cheap joke. gave me 2 SGs and then stopped to give anything. Feedback is required - does it work for you as before?

    28 september 2017 03:16 1628

    Almost every mini game I played did the same, If you get to some score and die than you'll have to play until you get to that score to begin earning SGS.
    Some games reward you on a task only a limited number of times , when I play katana for example , I only get 1SG for 1000 points and if I get to 2000 or even 3000 I don't get more SGS.
    The solution is simple :) Just refresh the web page and you're set to go.

    28 september 2017 06:42 1628

    well, I do exactly the same I've done yesterday and yesterday I was able to get 1 SG per minute up to 200. yes, getting 25000 points, reloading. Today it allows to do it for 2-3 times and then just stops to give SGs for the same task for a hour or maybe more.

    28 september 2017 06:45 1628

    well done

    28 september 2017 07:14 1628

    Note that minigames earning are recently nerfed
    Because too many abused this system basically GameHag is losing income on minigames, so yeah

    28 september 2017 07:17 1628

    ah, I see. new rules

    28 september 2017 18:13 1628

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