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    Reviews about world of warship

    World of Warships is a thrilling, free-to-play multiplayer action game, where you command a World War II-era ship through troubled waters. Slugs of white-hot metal tear through the sky, threatening to turn you or one of your allies’ ships into scrap . You must constantly be wary of deadly torpedoes as you circle islands and glaciers--turning hard at the helm to avoid gunfire--and keep from getting beached in the process.

    You want a game where you are often the top-scorer of your team? Then this game is for you: the bad - you will still always lose. The matchmaking-system seems to have some regulation in it - the better you play the more brain-afk your team becomes. the worse is you depend on your so called team.

    Is a rating of 2 point fair? The game has solid/average graphics, it's free (you think), and the concept of the game is indeed interesting. When you start the game at first you will think it's more worth than 2 point.

    But the problems will raise when you advance. The spoken matchmaking with bad players will lead you in MASSIVE frustration.

    Ask yourself: do you want to play a game a server forced you to have no fun? It's a typical rip-off. better don't try it. It only may work with a clan or something.
    This is a game that will give you a hard time.

    Like any contemporary game, a good graphics card is essential. Personally, I do it runs on an Asus ROG G501VW I7 equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M card.
    The graphics are beautiful without straining the fluidity.

    I think World of Warships is different from other MMOG.

    Group strategy (especially in divisional battles or clan battles), tactical sense, choice of positions, composure, reflexes, setting of ships and their captains... Everything comes together to immerse you in epic and thrilling battles.

    With nearly 20,000 games on the counter I'm not jaded, quite the contrary. With 4 classes of ships available in-game (destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers) and multiple nations, the gameplays of the units vary greatly.

    This is enough to satisfy your appetite and make it possible to find the ones that best suit to your style of play.

    When added to the possible settings for ship equipment and the skills of the captains, the possibilities are many.

    I recommend you acquire tiers V-VI quickly and familiarize yourself with them.
    Ships of these tiers are relatively easy to obtain and allow a good understanding of the arcane of the game.
    What's more, they're less expensive than higher tiers.
    The results won't take a long time to come.
    This will allow you to build up a war chest (which will be very useful for your progression to tiers VIII-IX-X) and to claim to join a clan.

    If you want the adventure, I will have great pleasure in sponsoring you. This will give you advantages reserved for godets.

    Contact me by email before you open your account [email protected]
    I play on the server EU pseudo ghaia41.
    See you soon on the seven seas

    5 march 2020 10:54 1625

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