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    Roblox Fishing Simulator Review

    Fishing simulator is a roblox game that's all about ... well fishing. Altough the concept of fishing in a game as the main concept may seem boring, the game is very enjoyable with a variety of locations to visit, fish to catch and quests which reward gems. There is also an aquarium where you can put fish you obtain to show everyone you stunning collection!

    Is this game only about fishing?
    The answer is no! In this game you can fish AND hunt. As of this post there are 2 types of sea life that can be hunted using the spear weapons which include sharks and orcas. There are a great amount of fish from common fish to mythical fish which can be caught and sold to npcs with a $ sign above their head.

    How much exploration is there in this game?
    As of this review there are currently 4 different islands that can be explored for new fish and quests. The islands require certain levels before you can visit though!
    The islands include;
     - Port Jackson (Starting island, so no level requirement)
     - Eruption Island (level 10 requirement)
     - Shadow Isles (level 25 requirement)
     - Ancient Shores (level 40 requirement)
    The ocean surrounding the islands and the inside the volcano located on eruption island are also spots where you can fish. However, to fish in the lava in the volcano you first must obtain the lava rod which can be obtained in 2 ways (beating the volcano parkour course or getting it as a rare skin from the skin chests located on port Jackson)

    What do you do with the fish that you don't want to keep?
    Why you sell them of course! Money is very important in this game as there are plenty of uses for it such as;
     - Upgrading your rod (to fish easier)
     - Buying new spears (to hunt easier)
     - Buying new backpacks (increased inventory for items)
     - Buying new fishing rod skins (which boost rod abilities)
     - Buying new boats (boats have a variety of abilities and stats, if you want to know more then play the game and enjoy!)
     - Upgrading your aquarium (to show off to your friends xD)

    What are gems? How do I get them and what are they used for?
    Gems are the "premium currency". Gems can be onbtained from a variaty of ways including; completing quests, using codes from roblox youtubers and from the main twitter account of the creator and by just buying it with robux (which is the currency of roblox). Gems can also be earned by completing the achievments that you can see in game. Gems are used for buying special items from the various shops which are significantly better than the items available to players who buy the items using the gold currency. Gems instead could also be used to upgrade rod rarity and upgrade ship specialities which is a significantly cheaper option and is also very helpful.

    What is the future of this game?
    Honestly no one except the game maker can answer this question, however many fans of this game have been suggesting  on discord to the developers for the next update to be about underwater exploration which would include submarines and the like. 
    The creator of the game has already posted in the description of thegame in the coming soon section mentioning new islands, pets and boss battles!

    My personal thoughts on the game
    I played this game thinking that I wasn't going to enjoy it at all, but then I got addicted to it and got to level 40 in about a week. The visuals are pretty decent and the quests are a nice bonus, overall I would rate this roblox game a 8/10 and I would highly recommend it!

    2 march 2020 15:57 1625

    I want to try that simulator

    2 march 2020 20:38 1625

    hahaha fishing in river love it

    9 march 2020 12:59 1625

    Roblox has fishing simulator?

    9 march 2020 15:29 1625

    I like this game, but BLOXBURG THOUGH

    9 march 2020 19:17 1625

    i have an issue buying robux.

    10 march 2020 17:14 1625

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