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    Enchantress and Slardar are the most popular heroes in the third Dota 2 Major and Minor qualifiers

    With the qualifiers for the third round of the 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit finally done and dusted, we can get a glimpse into the developing meta since the new 7.24 update.
    A helpful infographic from Gosu.AI gives fans a lot of information at a glance. One hero is the clear winner: Enchantress.
    Enchantress’ strength
    Enchantress didn’t receive any buffs in 7.24, but the Outlanders patch did rework the hero significantly. Valve swapped Impetus and Untouchable’s status as a basic and ultimate skill around. It reduced Enchantress’ survivability a little bit, but it made her trading potential in lane even better. Enchant also received some massive buffs that allowed creeps under her control to have increased health and damage.
    As the cherry on top, she even gained base intelligence for a higher mana pool and increased movement speed, making her one of the fastest heroes in the game.
    All these changes made Enchantress one of the best lane dominators. She’s become such a powerful offensive hero that most players skip Nature’s Attendants entirely, with some players even electing to pass over Untouchable.
    Enchant at level four gives her creep 70 attack damage and constant peppering with Impetus will bring down most heroes in the game.
    Coupled with her flex pick potential that allows her to take up both supports and the offlane role, she’s quickly risen up the tier list to become the most popular hero in terms of pick and bans across all three regions.
    Technically, Enchantress did gain a new Aghanim’s Scepter ability Sproink, which allows her to leap a short distance backward. It’s rarely seen any usage, however, with pros preferring to go for cheap, effective items like Hood of Defiance and Dragon Lance to boost Enchantress’ survivability.
    Batrider flies high
    Batrider has always been a mainstay in the meta due to his powerful skillset. His BKB-piercing ultimate is a great initiation tool against all heroes and his long-duration ability to scout with free pathing is invaluable. Additionally, the hero is a lane dominator and can play all three lanes effectively.
    It’s little wonder that when a hero like this gets buffed in 7.23, he would eventually surge back into the meta. While Firefly did get its flying vision nerfed, the buffs to his other skills more than made up for it.
    Sticky Napalm had its cast time entirely removed, making it even easier to stack and chase down enemy heroes. Flamebreak also became a powerful instant nuke and had its projectile speed increased so much that it became almost impossible to dodge.
    The hero performs well as a starved support or as a mid lane core. All the hero needs is a Blink Dagger to become a menace on the field, while a core Batrider can become a splitpushing and teamfight monster with Boots of Travel.
    New kids on the block
    The two new heroes introduced in 7.23, Snapfire and Void Spirit, have gotten off to a roaring start in Captain’s Mode.
    Snapfire was the most picked hero in the CIS region, while Void Spirit was most picked in the North American region. Both heroes also made appearances in the pick and ban list in other regions.
    OG’s Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen was so fearsome on Void Spirit that it caused opposing teams to consistently ban the hero in the first phase.
    Both heroes bring unique skillsets to the table. Despite Snapfire being played as a support, she manages to deal a ton of damage with her plethora of spell damage. Scattershot’s wide AoE and Snapfire Cookie’s forced movement and stun are both great in the lane, while her ultimate, Mortimer’s Kiss, ensures her teamfight relevance even into the late game.
    Void Spirit is one of the most mobile heroes in the game and his varied item builds allows him to be one of the most versatile. It doesn’t feel bad building intelligence control items like Orchid and Eul’s because it still provides him damage as an intelligence hero. Even so, a physical build with items such as Crystalys and Solar Crest has proved to be the meta build. Plus, the hero is able to occupy all three core positions easily.

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