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    What is the best way to level up that isn't against the rules?

    I Want to know what the best way to level up is, No spamming and it doesn't go against the rules.

    23 february 2020 12:18 1628

    post only 5 times a day
    reply to people who have problems and try to fix his issue
    complete tasks
    don't say bad words or write random Latters

    23 february 2020 12:25 1628

    It will take a while. For example, just post or do a task once or twice a day. You will get there eventually.

    23 february 2020 16:26 1628

    Do minigames give exp?

    23 february 2020 19:22 1628

    @lucky311 Thanks and @vitanovadetelina i don't think so

    24 february 2020 16:40 1628

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