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    Okay so this might be considered spam to some, but I genuinly wonder - will this forum actually be used like a forum should and not some kind of spamming methode to set SG's? Because from what I currently can read, there's just a bunch of people creating posts and all without really caring about what they post (For Example, just random letters smashed together by someone's forehead). And yes, I am aware people are probably gonna do the same on this post with commenting, but I was just curious :P

    19 september 2017 20:29 1628

    I saw someone type "SPAM" as 5 threads. Good point you know, but still people wont stop until they get to a certain level. Either way, this is the only way to get "EXP". Atleast thats what I think.

    19 september 2017 20:36 1628

    Well you can get experience from just doing your daily things as well, getting SG's from using the games and rewards feature. Eh, I guess it's what we should expect from something that could potentially bring up a lot of money for scammers and such? I mean, if you only get lucky one you might get a very rare knife for CS:GO which in return could give you a lot of money, actual cold hard cash (or at least the steam money, but that's easily overcome as well)

    19 september 2017 20:39 1628

    I wonder the same, really. I love forums and I'd even love to help out cleaning the forum and keeping it clean, I already contacted Misty about this.

    It's really a shame that people just spam around for their free gems/experience. Really annoying, if you ask me. I'll do my post to only post stuff that's worth it.

    19 september 2017 20:59 1628

    I'd like the forum to be a better place, too. But the admins don't really care for the forum, I think. I mean, there isn't even a report button. Am I supposed to write Misty all the time? No thanks.

    19 september 2017 22:39 1628

    It would be nice not to have 5000 threads named "spam, just for xp, fshfkhsegsdg" etc....
    I'm glad only 10 posts per day count to xp or it would be a lot worse!

    20 september 2017 02:14 1628

    Honestly, it's getting really annoying see people spam random stuff just to get xp and SG. Such a shame this isn't turning into an actual forum. This website still needs a lot of work but I think there's potential here. At least I can see some people over here are interested into turning this thing around and hopefully make a decent forum out of this.

    20 september 2017 21:04 1628

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